1 About Our Church –New Beginnings Baptist Church of Malvern

About Our Mission

New Beginnings is a church that simply loves and accepts people for who they are. We exist to LOVE God, LOVE Others, And LOVE you! Our desire is to connect people with Christ and experience community with our Family.

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About Our Beliefs

New Beginnings is a group of Christian believers of faith founded on sound biblical principles. Our beliefs about God, the bible, the church, and salvation and all our core beliefs are found below. Learn more

Who We Are

New Beginnings is a loving and bible focused Missionary Baptist Church in Malvern, Arkansas. Our members are ordinary people doing extraordinary things to change the lives of others to the Glory of God.

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"To know Jesus and make Him known is my heartbeat. I want Jesus to be priority over everything".

James Green

Pastor of New Beginnings


Sunday Gatherings

We know that visiting a church can be scary, so be comfortable and come dressed as you wish. Park near the front steps and someone will welcome you and direct you to the worship center or age appropriate connection group.


Looking for a church?

New Beginnings is a growing, casual, family friendly group of believers of all ages. We enjoy contemporay music and prayerful, powerful worship. Our exciting Inside Out Programs is for all kids from Pre Kindergarten to Highschool.


Service to Others

The church is actively working outside the walls of the building in all areas of the community. We are partnered with schools for meals, businesses, and organizations to help the needy of Malvern and the surrounding areas. We invite you to join us as we minister.

Church Staff

Our Pastor and Ministry Leaders

Jesus is the director and head of this church. We strive every day to help both members and newcomers to find, accept and live out their new beginnings with Christ. Enjoying Gods hope through temporary struggles, we are thankful for the family that God brought together for the comfort of everyone that will accept it.
Amy Fite
Music Director
Lori Valencia
Inside Out Coordinator

Love God | Love Others | Love You

Start your New Beginning today!